So, I’m dipping my toes into the bloggosphere for the first time. I’ve tried a few of these things before with bebo and myspace but they’re all a bit fussy for my liking. I’m thinking it will be easier to update something that is all about the blogging and not about who my friends are or whatever. Digital ranting is probably what I’ll end up with, but hey, its cheaper than therapy. Also, I wanna see how easy this yoke is to use so that maybe Derry and Quentin can use it when they are sailing around the world next year.

So I suppose I should kind of give a state of play in mushland, seeming as this is the first entry. I’m still working for UCC, helping people with their websites and doing the occasional graphic design-a-me-bob. Today I was working on a sticker for to advertise wireless hotspots around campus. We’ll have to see what the feedback on them is before I start bragging too much. But I like them and doing stuff like that really makes it worthwhile coming into work. Not that I’m complaining about work or anything. God no, tis a great job and a great place to work. I really do count myself lucky that I can work in a place that gives me 26 holidays a year (not including easter and christmas) allows me to check out talent for a good 9 months (pity all the students leave for the summer but at least there are no queues) and means I get to do stuff of a creative nature. Yaay for UCC!

Home life is pretty groovy at the moment as well. I’m living by the lough in cork city with Cathy, Fiach and Sarah – 3 people who I’ve known for a hell of a long time and remarkably still get on with. This week we’ve mostly been avoiding the kitchen while the tiles have been put down. Another good thing about living by the lough is that its a handy starting point for running around the city (I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment and am about to head for a swim shortly).

Well that’s it for now, eh, I dunno what’s gonna happen next. Hopefully I can maintain a semi-regular contribution. We’ll see how it goes – working with the web all day dampens one’s enthusiasm for this kind of endeavour but you never know.