Persistance is Futile…

Or not. I really just wanted to use that title because I was thinking about how I must persist with this blog so that I doesn’t become stale and useless.

I sometimes wish I could get a connection straight from my head to the internet or at least a computer. I have loads of stupid thoughts during the day that people may find entertaining, scary (more likely scary) but when it comes to articulating them later I come up all blank and stuff. And I think I used to be able to describe things much gooder when I was younger.

Although of late I’ve been mostly thinking about the huge amount of money I spent in America. It was worth it but I gotta jigger and poker my way around my various off shore bank accounts to make the next week and a half til payday work out. Which it will of course. Work out that is. Banks love me because they get lots of money from me. And that’s the way I like it. I’d much prefer to owe the banks money than owe family or friends. It makes life simpler and more clear cut.

I’m also chatting to Mick Barry while writing this. The more I try to multi-task the less I find I can actually do it. My sister edel is much better at this. I can’t think properly now cos I can see the orange tab that says he’s just sent another message. Damn it. Now I have to check it. I’m just going to publish this now so that may brain doesn’t over heat.

4 thoughts on “Persistance is Futile…”

  1. hey brother,

    thank you for saying i am good multi-tasker. not sure it’s true – I’m just endlessly distractable by many things happening at once.

    anyway, maybe you should try “moblogging” – blogging from a mobile device. Are they getting easy peasy to type from in Ireland at this point?

    also, with camera phone you can include a picture of the thing that made your scary thoughts happen. :-*

  2. I am seriously contemplating the iPhone in the UK in November.. but then I might be moving countries. Get Train to buy us iPod Touches.

    As for random thoughts.. I dreamed I was being attacked by a Doberman last night. I need help! 🙁

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