Weigh Hey!

I declare June a success! Fitness Mush has been recalibrated, the gas pedal duly pressed and full steam ahead on the “Lose More Weight” express. According to my scales, I am just shy of a half stone lighter than I was at the start of the month. I am now clocking in lighter than I was when I ran the Cork City Marathon in June 2008. A helluva lot lighter than when I completed five triathlons in 2010. And just under 5 stone lighter than I was in May 2012. 
I’m lighter now than I was in this picture. Also my hair is better.
So yeah, it’s been a success. While I had lost some poundage after Christmas, I’d been plateauxing around the 16 stone mark for a couple of months. No excuses really, I was just not being as focussed as I needed to be. I wasn’t putting it on, but I was also enjoying myself a little bit too much to actually lose any. But some rededication to the cause has seen a payoff certainly. I headed to the gym with renewed vigour at the start of June. Armed with a proper weights programme, I’ve changed things up. I’ve also been more strict on the eating and drinking side of things. Sure, I’ll still have snacks at the cinema, and a square or two of chocolate every now and then, but a break from the booze and the heavier junk definitely helps. Of course, I know I will have my treats every now and then (there are a few pints in the offing tomorrow night as I catch up with one of the lads home from Boston), but the focus is back. 
Gardening is also good for the body. Sweated buckets trimming the hedges yesterday. And that was on top of an hour and a bit in the gym…
I’ll never give up the nice things. I enjoy my chips and crisps and pints and burgers. But I have a better handle on them now. In fact, I enjoy them so much more now that I don’t have them as often. I can appreciate them when I’m having them and know that I don’t need to stuff myself to the gills. The world is not going to run out of fast food so I don’t need to eat it all in one go. And I’m enjoying the gym again, what with all the pushing and pulling on weighted levers and stretchings and liftings and what have you. I feel stronger. Fitter again than I have been in a while. 
Also, this is a really sweet book. I highly recommend it.  Brilliantly evocative. 
A quick update really. I find it helps to mark the achievements (and acknowledge the slippages when they occur). Plus I’d committed myself to blogging a bit more, so having something to shite on about does help get the words down on paper so to speak. And now I’ll leave you with a fabulous song from In The Willows (officially released on Friday) called Rowing Boats. I think it’s great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-0C10-OroU