Breaking Grand

So it’s been a while since I had the wherewithal to put finger to keyboard and tap out a blog post. July and August have been grand old months full of lots of fun times and shenanegans. Nothing of a jaw dropping nature but a whole load of short amusements of varying natures. 
Yaay for weddings! 
July kinda flew by in a whirl. Was out of action gym wise due to a banjaxed shoulder. Add a wedding, some work dos, some nights out with the lovely himself and it was not the greatest month I’ve had since I started Mush 2.0 last May. August wasn’t much better (although I at least managed to ramp the exercise back up), but a naming ceremony (for which I was celebrant), a visit from my little brother from England (for which I was host) and a trip to Clare for a good friend’s wedding (for which I was delighted participant in the celebrations) have taken their toll. Disappointed the over half a stone has crept back on and while I’m glad I made the most of my summer months, I know I have a job a head to undo some of the summer loving. 
Seriously though, I love this shirt. And I got to wear shorts for a good chunk of July! About time damnit!
Still, I am full of determination to have a quiet enough September. The exercise regime shall be driven up a notch and I still plan to be 14 and a half stone by the end of the year. The gymming is finally going great again. Weights are fun, and I feel all primal and shit when I lift all the things (and put them down again). Sure, it’s been a bit wearing on the muscles to begin with but I think I’ve gotten a handle on that. I’m never gonna be Arnie but having a bit more muscle mass won’t do me any harm. Over the winter there will be a lot more trips to Dublin due to a certain lovely man’s impending commencement of study. I’m intent on not letting these trips get the better of my waistline. And I’m looking forward to getting to know the big schmoke a bit better (and having a personal guide for when I do visit). It’ll be tough not sharing a house together like we have for the last three years but I’ve no doubt that we can handle it. If we could get through Rome for 11 months, I think we can manage Dublin for 9.  
Just a sign I saw on an office door at work. It rings true it has to be said. 

 On a completely unrelated note, how good is Breaking Bad, eh? Fantastic television and worth the Netflix subscription. I’ll say no more except I enjoy the hell out of it and you can’t go wrong with investing the time in the 5 seasons if you haven’t already.

I am the one who knocks (and who is also slightly worried about his hair line). 

With September beagnach upon us, I’m feeling energised. The nights are drawing in, but I’m looking forward to a quieter, contemplative autumn season. I’d like to get a bit more writing under my belt too. Trying not to talk about it too much, though, and just get on with it. Anyway, sure that’s enough out of me. Let me know how you are!

Found in a pub in Ennistymon, Co. Clare