In Webeyance

Well lookie here! If it isn’t my blog. Hello blogosphere. It has certainly been a while. I have considered putting fingers-to-keyboard every so often over the last few months but t’was not to be. It’s not like stuff hasn’t been happening but I kind of felt like I didn’t want to force out a blog post just for the sake of it. And there have certainly been a number of political and social changes in the last few months that were blogworthy. I held off on those too, not wanting to add to the noise; not wanting to go on about the negative and contributing to the ever-increasing spiral of ranty bollocks that pervades the web. 
So instead I abstained from blogging for the last while. Now that’s not to say I will never engage in said ranty bollocks ever again in the future. But I’m gonna try not to do it too much. Anyway, lets talk about something positive instead. I’m sitting on the train as I type this, on my way to Dublin to attend the Irish Web Awards. You see, UCC’s website has made the finals of the Irish Web Awards in the Education and Third Level category. And I’m feckin’ delighted! Some of you will remember the last, I suppose, 2 years of my work life have been taken up with the latest revamp of There’s still a bit to be done but it’s very gratifying to make the finals of these awards. Primarily because the judges are made up of ordinary folks and to have made it through the three previous rounds to get this far means we must be on the right track. It’s nice to know that the late evenings and stressful weeks coming up to Christmas last year were not for nothing. 
I’ve no illusions, we’re up against some stiff competition, and in my heart of hearts I know we could be much better. I won’t be heartbroken if we walk away empty handed this evening. But fuck it, I wouldn’t mind winning! 
If nothing else though, it’s another chance for UCC to be up there with the best. And tis a chance to represent UCC amongst the other fine folk of the Irish interwebs. Plus there are going to be dib dabs. And Refreshers. Can’t wait.