Maybe it’s Maple-ene!

So, as I might have mentioned before, we’re getting our asses out of the Dodge that is Ireland and heading west this coming November. Myself and Seán are officially emigrating (for a while anyway) to Canada on the 24th of November 2014. And I can’t wait. We’ve been talking about going and living and being in another country for a few years now, but had decided we were going to wait until after the wedding and Seán’s masters before we’d actually go anywhere. London was mentioned, the continent, even New Zealand. But we settled on giving Canada a go to begin with. 
More wedding pics – I thought our little paper gays looked like they like to travel
We applied for the visas back in March – I got mine pretty quickly, but due to the pressures of the course, Seán didn’t complete his process until more recently this summer. Regardless, we were both lucky enough to be accepted onto the working holiday visa programme which means that we can stay and work in any part of Canada for up to 2 years. We were pretty haunted it has to be said, considering we only decided for definite to give Canada a try in January, well after the time that visas normally open for application. 2014 was a different kettle of fish to other years, though, as the Canadian government released a whole bunch more visas for Irish folks. The demand was incredibly high and the first batch of 3800 was snapped up in around 5 minutes. Thank the gods for UPC super fast broadband is all I’ll say. 
Don’t you know, we’re caught in a trap…
I had let work know before Christmas that we would be thinking of moving on somewhere soon after the wedding in July so they were aware that a departure was possible. I got to apply for my career break (I work for the public sector, I’m gonna take advantage of that if I can) at the start of July. I’m taking a year initially but can extend for up to 5 years in total depending on how things go. Of course, I recognise this is a luxury that not everyone has and it is certainly a perk of the public service. But given that recruitment and regrading has been embargoed the last few years, I don’t feel too bad about utilising the personal development facilities available to me. Still, it’s nice to have the safety net. Come the 31st of October, I will no longer be working for UCC. For the first time in over a decade, I am off out into the world again. It’s scary and daunting but exciting at the same time. 
Yaay Noelette! She took great pictures at the wedding!
We’ve our flights booked for the 24th of November. Flying into Toronto. But we’re thinking we’re going to give Montréal a go. With Seán looking for work with languages (particularly in the area of terminology and translation) we figured we’d go where he could get a foot on the language ladder. Me, my french is shocking but I’ve heard there is a strong IT sector in Montréal with a lot of multi-national companies who don’t necessarily require French for the day-to-day work. So we’re going to give it a go. If it doesn’t work out, we can try somewhere else. But it’ll be good to try none-the-less. So if you know of anyone in Montréal looking for a webmaster, hook me up! 
Seriously though, how scary does Liam look?