Departure Lounge

A colleague of mine retired today. After 40 years in UCC, give or take a few, he’s off on retirement. Henry’s leave-taking has been giving me pause for thought of course, with my own imminent departure in just over 3 months time. 
Life on the Big Screen in UCC
On the face of it, it seems like quite a lot of time. 3 months. A quarter of a year. 12 weeks or thereabouts. But it really will be here in no time at all. Plus it also means that I only really have 2 months left in work before my career break begins. Which is only 8 weeks. Or about 56 days. Which is actually only 40 work days. Jeebus. Canada is hurtling towards us! 
During the speeches today, it emerged that Henry had actually left UCC for a period of time to work for the private sector. And talking to another colleague who had taken a career break I found out that she too had been out of the place for 5 years but the downturn in the economy made a safe return to the hallowed halls that bit more comfortable. I do genuinely wonder if I’ll go back to UCC. Will I take my break and branch out into fields not yet imagined, begin a career path in other organisations? Or will my time away be just that, time away, a brief sojourn in a career spent mostly in the environs of College Road? I’d like to think that I’ll make the break out, begin some incredible adventure away from the place that has been my work away from home for the last 17 years (if you include my student days). That’s pretty much half of my life so far. But in the large scheme of things, 17 years is but a fraction of a full career. A sizeable fraction admittedly but a fraction none-the-less. 
Whatever does happen, though, whether I stay away from Cork for years and stay away from UCC forever or only take a brief sabbatical from the Irish ivy league, I’m glad to be going. I’m glad that I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do this. To go and have an adventure for however long or short. Plus I get to bring my husband along for the ride. And sure, that can’t be all bad.