Gosh. Yeah. It’s been a while. I’m not even sure I know how to do one of these any more. How does one start a blog after several months absence? By just launching into it I suppose.

It’s pretty warm here in Montréal. Like proper nice warm. Not uber warm. Not heavy warm. Just nice warm. My phone says it’s 25 degrees. And it’s sunny out. It’s certainly hard to miss Ireland on days like today.

But I do. Miss Ireland. I miss home. It’s not a constant homesickness, but it rears its head from time to time. When work is being a particular pain in the hole. When I see snapchats from my nieces. When I think about my smallie nephews getting bigger and starting to talk. Family. Friends. All of it.

It’s not enough to draw me home just yet. I’m enjoying my time here. I’ve met new and interesting people and I’m living in one of the coolest fucking cities on the planet. Plus I’m here with the lovely Seán. What better company for a grand old adventure?

We’ll be back in Ireland on the 19th of December. Until then I’ve quite a bit to keep me busy. Two work trips to different parts of Canada. A trip to Minneapolis in October. Friends visiting. Even a 1D concert. And I’m sure there’ll be more. We’ve done so much since we got here (adventures in Vermont, starting new jobs, moving apartment, Montréal Comic-Con, seeing Michael Fassbender lead an all-star cast table read of the big lebowski, seeing Rodin exhibit, lazy weekends, drunken weekends, cycling trips around the city, furnishing an entire apartment to name a few), we’re certainly not gonna stop just now.

This post is a bit rambly, unfocussed, all over the shop. Blame the months-long hiatus. Blame my work addled brain. How about we just look at some pretty pictures instead?

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