Hello? Is this thing on? How does this work again?

Gosh. It’s been a while. Over a year and a half. That’s…that’s…a bit of time. Sorry ’bout that. But I haven’t really felt the urge to put pen to digital paper for quite sometime.

Truthfully, it’s mostly down to fear. Fear of the introspection that writing demands. Fear of the instability that obsessive introspection can bring to the mind. So I stopped writing, for me.

I have still been writing in other ways. Work ways mostly. Manuals, training exercises, slide decks, web content. Lots of words trickling out of my brain and making their way across the wonderful wide web. In many ways a good chunk of my day to day paid for employment involves the taking of words out of my head and putting them in front of other people. And that’s kind of cool.

But it hasn’t been the personal wordsmithing I was so fond of. Cos honestly, I didn’t feel up to it. And it’s taken me a while to get my head back to a place where it is bolstered against the storminess of thought that I am, of times, prone to. I’d forgotten how cathartic this could be. I let the turmoil get the better of me I suppose.

Plus there’s all that shit that’s been going on in the world. I’ve tried to avoid being another angry voice shouting into the binary chaos. The world has plenty of angry white dudes proffering unsolicited opinions on the internet. My two cents seemed unnecessary. And still does to an extent. But I think I’m ready to come back to this writing lark.

I am going to tentatively dip a toe into the world of bloggery. Other more newsy posts may follow. Some fiction too, with any luck. Cos yeah. So here it is. A clichéd post from a wannabe writer about not writing and the excuses that go with it and how the future is definitely gonna be better. But it feels good to start again.



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