Ah so that’s what it’s called…

Myself and Seán are going to see Sigur Rós in May. They’re doing a global tour at the moment and they happen to be playing in Montréal at the end of May so we took the opportunity to grab ourselves some tickets. I’ll freely admit I am terribly fucking excited to see them. Sigur Rós are epic. Their music is phenomenal. But also super personal.

They were one of the first bands that Seán introduced me to when we first started going out. They were a significant part of the playlists I used to have on my old iPod when I went to visit Seán when he was living in Rome. And we even ended our wedding ceremony to the bombast of their uber-uplifting song “Festival”.

And then there’s the whole Icelandic thing. The magical pixie folk of the mid-atlantic volcanoland do make some stunning music but the land itself holds an almost ethereal appeal to it. I had the fortune of visiting there last September and it didn’t disappoint. Now I want to go back there with himself and take a bit more time to enjoy the place. To feel the viking charm in our bones.

So there’s a whole thing there that makes the opportunity to see Sigur Rós in all their post-rock glory extra special.


Post-rock though. I didn’t know that was the term to describe this kind of music until very recently. I suppose I’ve never been super knowledgeable on all the labels and titles that get slapped across different types of music. But I knows what I like when I hear it. And post-rock, as I begin to scratch its trippy surface, is something I definitely feel myself liking alot. I’ve a whole heap of  recommendations lately that I have to work my way through. Top of the list is Godspeed You! Black Emperor, a local Montréal band that can give Sigur Rós a run for their complex, interwoven dreamscapes. But there’s a heap of others too that I’m digging in to.

After binging on bluegrassy, old timey, folky wolky greats on Spotify in the last six months or so since I installed the app, it’s refreshing to add something new to the mix. I wonder what the “Discover Weekly” will throw into the bag of recommendations now (side note: I’m super impressed with Spotify’s discover algorithm – it’s been uncannily good at finding stuff that I like but didn’t know).

Anyway, I think that’ll do for now. A harmless blog post that delved into nothing political, philosophical nor controversial. So very relaxing. I’ve got a post-rock playlist to compile.



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