Eff Five

The long weekend. As a necessary here in Canada as it is back home. A time to chill out, log off, refresh, do whatever is necessary to recharge a few batteries. For the most part, this mission was accomplished.

I like to disconnect every once in a while. Take myself off and indulge somewhat. Like taking a cinema day. Just heading off to the movies and taking in a whole bunch of them in one day. The most I’ve ever managed is a quadruple bill but I haven’t had one of those in a while. This weekend, I did a double – John Wick 2 and Kong: Skull Island. Both perfectly fine. Neither of them particularly taxing, mentally. They hit that sweet spot of mindlessness that is often necessary for putting the brain in the off position.

In between both, I had a bit of downtime so kindle, beer and hot-dog filled the gap. Yet again I’m happy in the company of myself, my device and some form of sustenance. A perfect opportunity for the disconnect. Plus it gave me a bit of time to check out Moose Bawr again. I like this bar in downtown montrĂ©al. They play good music, serve good food, and serve beer in litre (or bigger) sizes. A perfect movie interlude. And they serve delicious deep fried balls of sausage, called Moose Balls that are fucking delicious. Go there. Now.

Sunday was a little less F5 refresh and a little more F11 enter full screen mode, with some impromptu sessioning with some pals. It’s the impromptu that makes it the best type of sessioning. The sneaky pints on what would normally be a day of complete rest. Sure, it kinda made Monday a bit of a right off, but worth it none-the-less. And I finally watched a full hockey game (even if it was only on the telly) which the Habs went ahead and won, bless their shiny skates. Allez les Canadiens.

But alas, all long weekends must come to an end. Back at it today then. But at least the Bixis are on the roads again – lovely fresh aired cycle from Verdun to Peel instead of the stuffy crowded metro. I’ll take that.

These posts won’t always (or often) be anything profound. I know right? You were expecting such great things.



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