Take an onion and chop it up nice and fine. Doesn’t need to be a very big onion, a nice small-to-medium size one will do nicely. Get yourself some spring onions, one or two sprigs, and chop them up just as fine as the onion.

Now, grab two tins of tuna, open, drain and mix together with the chopped up onion n spring onion. Crack some black pepper over that bad boy. Nice. Then, in a bowl, mix up about four tablespoons of light mayo with a teaspoon of sweet chili, a pinch of granulated garlic powder, and a teaspoon of dijon mustard. You could throw in some chilli flakes as well to give it a bit of a bite.

Dollop this lovely gooey mess onto the tuna and onion and mix it all up all gloopy and sloppy. Get yourself four slices of buttered bread (or even cheez-whizzed bread if you’re feeling like some extra goop) and liberally dollop the tuna salad (cos that’s what you just made) onto the bread.

Result? Delicious, oh-so-satisfying tuna salad sandwiches. Guaranteed to hit a spot. Serve with a bowl of soup and you’ll be well supped for sure.

In other news, we’re heading back to Ireland in July. For good. I can’t wait. Been missing family and friends something fierce. Don’t get me wrong, Montréal has been an awesome adventure. Two years of fun, friends and other words beginning with eff I’m sure. But home is calling and home is where I wanna be. So yeah, back to Ireland and Cork at the end of the summer. Excited.



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