Departure Lounge Two

Jesus, it’s the middle of May and “not a child in the house washed” as the expression goes! As an expression for unpreparedness, I might be being a bit fast and loose. We’re actually doing nicely in terms of the various preparations necessary to extract oneself from a life in another country. But there’s also lots more to do.

Most of it, we’ll get done before we leave Montréal. But there are some things that we won’t be able to close off completely ’til we’re back home. Which introduces the worrisome prospect of dealing with Québecois bureaucracy from across the Atlantic ocean. Can’t be helped though. Need to keep the bank accounts open while we’re on our West Coast trip.

So yeah, we’re taking a trip down the west coast of North America as a final hoorah to the continent before we leave. Starting with Vancouver, we’ll bus it to Seattle and Portland before picking up a car and driving on to San Francisco, LA, Tijuana and San Diego before jetting back to Cork via Reykjavik towards the end of July. We’ve a bit more intinerizing to do before we jet off, but it’s a solid plan with all of the AirBnB’s booked and everything. I was hoping to pick up Comic Con tickets of course, but it was not to be. Still, we’ll be in the Whale’s Vajayjay at the same time as Comic Con, so plenty of fringe nerd activities to be explored.

Still, if you have lived or live in any of these cities, hit us up with your recommendations. We’re open to ideas to spend our time on the big trip. We’ve between 2 and 3 nights in each city so time for a bit of exploring in each place for sure.

Anyway, we’ll leave it there for now.



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