It cracks the buds and gives them green, this glowing ball of heat and light. The very definition of radiant. The life to our force. The heat of our days. A skin warmed by millions of miles of light, feels healthier, glowier, lighter than the cloud chilled skin of the winter months.

We need the sunshine. But not just the cosmic-born, but the spiritual, the psychological, the metaphorical. Especially on days like today. When the dark takes the lead. When the fear that springs from that dark, gnaws at the world’s soul. We take comfort in the little rays. The helpers. The heroes. Those who pause for a beat. Wail and nash some teeth, but then get on with the business at hand. Who run towards the noise. Who offer the cup. Who wipe the tears.

The charcoal dark clouds can seem overwhelming. Oppressive. Relentless. But all it takes is a crack in the thing, to let the light in, as Leonard said. For the sun to peek out it’s head, as Jack and KG might have said.

There’s not much that can be said on days like today. Who wants to add to the noise, to the fear to the dark. Just, I suppose, maybe if we think of the sunshine, in all it’s forms, physical and metaphorical, it’ll help a little. Get us through until it hurts a little bit less, until we’re a little bit less frightened. Help us stand that bit taller in the face of the cowardly. Help understand all of the fears that cause the hate that little bit more clearly. So we can change. So we can stop it. So we can blow the clouds away.

Later, Sunshines,


2 thoughts on “Sunshine”

  1. Merci Maurice pour ce joli message empreint de sagesse et d’humanité. Quoi souhaiter en effet mieux que cette lumière que tu décris si bien et qu’on voudrait être le seul dénominateur de tous les humains quelle que soit leur couleur et leur condition sociale. Il faut garder l’espoir, la seule chose que personne ne peut nous enlever.

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