MURAL 2017

One of the things that I’ve really loved about Montréal since I first moved here is the abundance of fucking amazing street art across the city. They really make the most of wall space and public space to bring art to the public and it’s fantastic.

Today, with my sister who is over for a visit, I had the opportunity to take in MURAL, Montréal’s street art festival. All along Boulevard St. Laurent, dozens of artists are given the sides of many buildings as their canvasses and asked to bring something new to the city. This takes place over a few days, so some of the murals aren’t finished, but it really is an amazing scene. If you’re ever in Montréal at the start of June I’d recommend it.

Not only do they have the mural’s been painted but they also cordon off the street to traffic for about 10 blocks. Plus there are concerts and other cool things going on throughout the time. We went during the day on a Monday so it wasn’t super hopping but it was still an afternoon well spent.

It’s something that I think other cities could learn from as well. Think about how many bland, ugly, drab buildings there are in your home town. And think about how awesome a canvas that facade could be for some artist! The colour and vibrancy that these murals bring to the city, the different visions they allow to be presented, are all fucking awesome. It would be so cool to see this back home for sure.

Anyway, I threw some of the photos together in an album here if you want to check them out.



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