Now So Long, Montréal…

…it’s time that we began, to laugh, and cry, and cry, and laugh about it all again! Never a truer word spoken, Lenny C! Tomorrow we leave Montréal for good. After more than two and a half years, we’re hitting the road and taking the long way home.

Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Brookings, San Francisco, Los Osos, Los Angeles, Tijuana and San Diego. These are our stops over the next 21 days before we fly back to Cork from LA (via 16 hours in Reykjavik). And I can’t wait. I finished work at the start of June and it’s been a pretty hectic month. Enjoyable too for sure, and we definitely made the most of our time off in Montréal. Sights were seen, fun times were had, Saturday’s were broken. We even got to go to a Canadian Football League game where the local Montréal Allouettes trounced Ottawa’s team.

There’s been stresses too, as we try to disentangle ourselves from a life. Dealing with Québec bureaucracy is frustrating at times. But we’ve managed it well enough for the most part. The great thing about the road trip is that we have none of that to worry about. No real world to intrude (well, except for the Skype interview I have for a job back in Ireland while we’re in California). Just us and the open road.

I’m really looking forward to a final slice of Americana (and Canadiana too, if that’s a word). I’m also looking forward to driving most of the west coast of the continental USA (with a smidge of Mexico thrown in for good measure). A couple of years back I enjoyed a great road trip from Chicago to LA via route 66, but as I wasn’t a licensed driver, I couldn’t help out with the driving. Between myself and Seán, I am the only licensed driver though, so it will fall on me to get us from Portland (we’re bussing it from Vancouver to Seattle and on to Portland) to Tijuana and back over the border. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I’m super excited at the prospect of being in San Diego at the time of Comic-con. While we didn’t succeed in getting tickets this year, there’s plenty going on around the fringe of the con to keep an uber nerd like me happy. Just have to remember the WOW air luggage limits to stop myself going too crazy.

So yeah, the Montréal adventure comes to a close. A mini adventure beckons immediately and then the challenge and opportunity of resettling back home in Ireland await us just over the horizon. Just keep swimming I suppose.

Montréal, you’ve been beautiful.

Á la prochaine!


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