The Road Home Part Two

When last I posted we had just arrived in Tijuana. That was a week ago. I’m now sitting in Keflavik airport in Iceland waiting to board the flight to Cork.

The last week of our holiday had it’s ups and downs. We discovered that Tijuana is not for us. The heat was a definite factor, staying in an art gallery with no air conditioning. But we also found it difficult to really experience the place beyond the tourist area. Plus it felt dangerous as hell. Still, it was worth the visit and we’d be kicking ourselves if we’d travelled the length of the west coast of the US, and hadn’t popped across the border. We did manage to grab ourselves some culture while we were there as well. I wouldn’t be in a rush back there all the same.

After Tijuana it was back across the border to San Diego. I loved this city. It’s clean and sensible and felt welcoming. We felt like we were back on our feet. Still had the heat to deal with, but San Diego is a close second to Vancouver for both of us in terms of the cities we visited. We took it handy for the most part – the previous nearly three weeks having left us pretty zonked. But we did have Comic Con to enjoy! Now, unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to get tickets for the con itself but we were still in town and managed to soak up loads of the atmosphere. Plus there was loads of fringe events. Highlight for me was meeting Steve Zaragoza and Mike Falzone who have one of my favourite podcasts – Dynamic Banter. If you like off the wall, weird funny boys talking nonsense I highly recommend it.

They were super funny and super lovely at the meet-n-greet afterwards. They took a few minutes with everyone who had turned up to their live podcast recording. Just fantastic.

Another highlight for me was a visit to the Star Trek Discovery gallery, where they had props and uniforms from the new show on display. As you may have gathered I’m a bit of a fan of the Star Treks so it was cool to get a sneak preview of the upcoming show.

Overall, we had a lovely relaxing nerd filled time in San Diego. Would visit again. Especially if I can ever get actual tickets to Comic-Con!

And so on Friday, we headed back to the traffic quagmire that is LA to catch our flight out from LAX. Flying WOW air, we had a 17 hour layover in Reykjavik as an added bonus. Gave me a chance to show Seán a great gastropub I visited the last time I was here. We were pretty knackered but we still got a flavour for the town.

It also gave us a chance to get a few hours sleep in a bed as well, instead of curling up in a ball on some airport lounge seat. So here we are, an hour before we fly back to Cork. It’s been an incredible roadtrip – I drove a total of 1600 miles; we saw some amazing cities, and some not so amazing ones. But we’ve had a blast and didn’t kill each other (which is always an achievement for  any married couple on an extended holiday I reckon).

It’s also a bit bitter-sweet to be putting the final lid on our North American adventure. The last two and three quarter years have been amazing. We’ve made new friends, seen more of the world and generally have grown a bit more as people (sappy as shite I know). I hope I can keep some of the Montréal spirit alive when I get back. That live-and-let-live attitude that allows for such diversity is one of the greatest gifts I got from my time there and it would be a shame to lose it.

So, looking forward to seeing friends and family and getting ourselves settled back into Cork life. I start my new job on August 1st – I’m UCC’s new Website Content Strategist, working in the Marketing Department. It’ll be a bit sad not to be working in IT services, but they’re a good bunch in the Office of Marketing and Communications so I’m looking forward to the new challenge.



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