Where the deer and the antelope range…

What a difference more than a month makes, huh? I’m home. Home from the range. Home on the range. Home any which way but the range. Just home. And it’s wonderful.

First week back was a whirlwind of apartment finding and fast food. 2nd week back was a whirlwind of work and re-acclimatizing to the ways of UCC. 3rd, 4th and 5th weeks back have been, well, familiar.

At work, it feels like I was both away for ever and have never left the place. It has both changed and stayed the same. Schroedinger’s workplace. Still, I’m glad to be back there. Sure, I miss those crazy fuckers in eXplorance in Montréal for sure. But I’m also enjoying getting back into the swing of things with colleagues I haven’t worked with in a couple of years here in UCC too. The heartfelt welcome-backs have been incredible heartening. I’ve a busy plate in front of me but definitely relishing the challenge.

It’s been quiet enough socially. No mad, mad nights so far. But a few enjoyable ones all the same. It’s been good to catch up with folks slowly. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I hate hate hate loud, noisy bars. Give me a good old-fashioned “old man pub” any day. At least until it’s time to go to the late bar.

I got me a new car too – a Toyota Avensis that I’m calling Desmond. He’s maroon and has a 06-D reg, which we won’t hold against him. And so far, he’s a fine replacement for my previous car, Daurice the Yaris. I like having a car again. The 1600 mile road trip hasn’t turned me off driving it would seem.

It’s good to be back. Close to friends. Close to family. Close to home. It feels right to be here. Of course that could just be the glow of the change, the return, the what-have-you. But so far, it’s so good. Looking forward to the coming weeks, months and years. Putting down some roots, enjoying growing back into my Irish life.



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