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Hello there lovely people. It’s been a while. Nearly three months. What can I say, I’ve not been inclined to put fingers-to-keyboard for a blogpost in quite some time. But I’ve been struck by the blogging muse and thought I’d pop some words up here on my humble little corner of the Internet. 
I did something today that I have not done since we moved from Donnybrook Cottages to Bracken court over 3 years ago – I cycled to work. It’s been on my mind to give it a bash for sometime but I hadn’t felt physically or mentally prepared for the effort. Last night, though, I convinced myself to give it a try. And I gotta say, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ve been a bit of a gym bunny for some time now but I’ve felt the need to do something a bit different as well. Since I’ve been back at work after the Christmas break (which was fantastic and lovely in so many ways thanks to a wonderful fiancé and a trip to my fabulous sister and her family in Derby) I’ve been doing my best to shed the Christmas poundage. I’d racked up a few extras and I was tipping the 16 and 3/4 stone mark for the first time in a long while. 
But a new year brings new impetus and motivation. My friend JP has been playing a blinder in UCC’s version of Operation Transformation so he was a definite inspiration. Plus my sister Fiona gave me a good plan for exercise and eating well to get me back on track. I’ve been keeping a food diary and hitting the gym and pool 5 to 6 days every week since the middle of January. I’m back down to between 99 and 100kg (which is where I was last summer when I was at my lightest) and I’m on course again with Operation Mushformation. I’d be happy getting down to 90-95 kilos but that’s a bit off yet. 
Me last summer at my lightest in a long time. 
I’ve enjoyed myself plenty over the weeks and I haven’t starved myself, even managing to throw in a few nights out here and there. But the key is tracking what I’m putting into my body and keeping an eye on the impact this is having weight wise. Weight is still an imprecise indicator of health but it keeps me going in the right direction. 
So with all that in mind, I decided to take it a step further and give Daurice the Yaris a break for a while. It’s Baurice the Bike’s turn to get me from A to U, C and C during the week. And with one day down, I’m confident I can get through another day. One day at a time of course but so far so good. I have unfortunately rediscovered saddle soreness. But it’s not so bad that I won’t do it again tomorrow. My commute home took me 30 minutes this evening and that included getting off the bike to walk up some of Donnybrook hill (which was one of the things that was most daunting about the prospect of getting back on two wheels), which is better than the time it used to take me when I was two stone heavier but living at the bottom of the hill. 
And now tis dinner time. With a side of Supernatural. 


Tri Anything

As mentioned before it’s my intention to maybe do a few triathlon’s this year. Well I’ve signed up for my first one of 2010 – the Crystal Clear triathlon in Waterford in April. I’m a little bit excited about and looking forward to getting my considerable ass in gear.

I had me a good christmas and certainly have lived the good life over the past few months paying more attention to tasty food than trying exercise. So there’s a bit of work to be done to get back into shape (or to rather change shape to one a little less rotund).
I’ve also got me a new bike through the government’s cycle to work scheme which I’ll also be using for my triathloning. It’s super awesome! So much lighter than my last bike and it has gears that work (and more gears in total as well). It’s made cycling a pleasure again. Poor old Baurice, my old bike, was a nightmare to cycle. Heavy, clunky and with gears that were a challenge to say the least, he had to be replaced when the rear wheel buckled for the second time.
As also mentioned previously, I’ll be looking for sponsorship for the mush triathlon series in aid of MarriagEquality but I’ve yet to sort out an online facility for that just yet. Further details will follow over the coming weeks and months.