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Meta Blogging

Finally got round to writing some blog posts (to be posted over the next few days). I’ve missed the little buzz I get out of writing for me of late and am trying to get back into the swing of things. Of course I want to put a bit more structure on the blog as well so that kind of requires a bit more planning on my part. That doesn’t mean I won’t be popping random thought type posts up here from time to time and of course when I am truly vexed there’s nothing like pouring out a good rant through the interwebs.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and the whole point of starting the blog was the help me to do more of it. Laziness is my biggest challenge. That and Angry Birds (stupid addictive exploding birds on my mobile phone). But I will progress. And I’d love to hear more from the people who read this. Leave a comment or say hi on twitter or facebook.
And now I’m going to go watch some Stargate Universe. Still a quality show.