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Autumn Snow

Today was the first really cold day we’ve had in a long time. It seems like the autumn is well and truly here. I have to say I actually love this weather. Reminds me of going back to school, something I always bizarelly enjoyed when I was a kid. It was always good to meet up with everybody after the summer, see who’d been doing what. There was always an air of excitement, potential, anything might happen. Of course after the first day, their always came the crushing inevitability of homework and boredom. Dreams of a bright new year, with cool teachers and mighty happenings dashed.

Its also thankfully dry at the moment, with lots of leaves on the sides of the roads and streets. Maybe its the big kid in me, but I will always kick my way through a bunch of dry dead leaves, even if it means crossing the road to do so. Autumn snow, and always guaranteed, unlike the white stuff. Much harder to make a dead leaves-man though.

You Tub (of Play dough)

Of course, I should have put a link to my video site – how else will google know that I exist dammit! – and there’s another video up there now as well.

I have to admit I’m kinda disappointed with myself. I thought I’d be blogging a bit more than I am. I have to blame lappy though, if he wasn’t so goddamn slow this would be easier to do. As it is, I’ve only posted when I’ve been at work (during the quiet periods of course).

Pfff! Anyway, I like YouTube. There are some funny people on it. And some really lame ass people on it too. You just can’t get good originality these days.

You Tuber

Or you spud should it be? Anyway, I’ve dipped my toe (my baby one at that) into the raging torrents of the YouTube world. It started when I read an article in the Sunday Times profiling this kid in Norn Iron who YouTubes (whataboutadam?). I watched his stuff while I was on a bit of down time at work – its research, honestly boss. I then watched one of his online friend’s (charlieissocoollike) videos that he had on his channel home page. I was really struck by their energy and infectious enthusiasm. It made me yearn for my more creative days. So I stuck up my video of fallen that I made last year for my Certificate in Applied Multimedia.

It really made me want to start making more films and videos n stuff. And so therefore I am resolved to do so. That said, I’m fucking off to america for two weeks on saturday so probably won’t have much to post over the next while. Still, its like my autumnal resolution. Make More Videos. We’ll see how it goes.

Took the midnight train going anywhere…

Ok, so I thought this thing would be more of a regular outlet than it so far has been. Doesn’t matter anyway no-one’s reading this at the moment so its more of a conversation with myself.

So the Sopranos finished last night here in Ireland. A fitting end I thought to a TV program that has consistently been one of the most interesting shows on the box for years. Its a shame to say goodbye to Tony but I suppose all good things have to come to an end and I’m glad they didn’t cop out and give us a traditional ending. Finishing the way they did meant the Sopranos ended the way it had always been – defying expectations and conventions. No explosive finale for Tony et al, just a tension filled last five minutes where you wonder who, if anyone at all, is gonna get clipped. It lets us make up our own minds.

And Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” as the last song – genius. I’ve just downloaded it from iTunes there and have been playing it solidly for the last half hour. Trying to “hold on to that feeling” I suppose.

Anyway, I think I’m gonna miss Tony Soprano. He made me laugh more often than not. Going for tea now so gonna sign off.