We all play many roles in life. I’ve been lucky that alot of the roles I’ve held have provided me with the opportunity to grow and develop as a person. I know, I know, that’s all very wishy washy but I genuinely believe it.

Professionally, I’ve worked my way from IT Trainer to Webmaster, taking on the roles of Multimedia Support Specialist, Team Lead, Project Manager, Web Developer and Designer along the way.

Personally, I’ve been a student, son, brother, uncle, Godfather, and husband. I’ve been an actor and a barman. A writer and an Emergency Room orderly. Every time I’ve learned something new, taken on something new.

I’ve gone in to quite a bit of detail on some of the more relevant career stuff but even the stuff that doesn’t get a full section of this website to itself is still important and goes to make up Maurice Ryder.

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