When I was in secondary school, I had a fantastic English teacher. Denis Kennedy, or “Killer” as most students called him (but not to his face), was strict. There was no bullshit tolerated. But he also had a way of getting the best from his students. And when he praised you, it stuck with you.  I remember him telling me I had a talent with narrative. Which was high praise in a class where discursive essays were what were generally encouraged. Instead of a boring treatise on whatever debate topic was up for discussion, I got to indulge my passion for creating new and interesting worlds. And the seeds of a writer were planted.

Writing is something I like to do, both inside and outside of my day job. I like to think I have a certain flair for it. But I’ll leave you be the judge of it. Check out some of my samples below:

Official Reports, Policies, Procedures Technical Writing Fiction Blogging
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Example of one of the policies that I wrote during my time in University College Cork. Example of technical documentation that I wrote for the enterprise content management system. Some of my fiction. My Blog.


Who I am and what I do